You may argue quite a bit about the geometry of politics. Missing proportions and reasonalibilty are often the result of deterioration of morals and perspectives . The SPD has a lot to offer to deal with such desorientation. But without you, dear electorate nothing works or can be made true.

Back to the start

My electorate district stretches across very distict and different areas, so that is why I have to constrain myself to where I go to. To the regional electoral district ( SPD-Region Mittelrhein) belong: Köln (Cologne) , Bonn, Aachen and Leverkusen, the City-Region Aachen and the districts of Düren (Dueren), Euskirchen, Rhein-Sieg, Rhein-Erft, Rhein-Berg, Heinsberg and Oberberg. The team of “Middlerhine” considers it a pleasure to help out with most of the geographical confusions.

Yours sincerely. Panagiota Zahariadou-Boventer.

“SPD Mittelrhein – Electoral District”
Aachen city and municipal region